Create a PDF list displaying selected fonts


There is a simple way to create a list of your fonts (using each font) hidden inside your mac. Of course it is an applescript! It already exists on your computer and is ready to go.

Start by opening the Font Book application, which is the Mac font manager (Finder->Applications->Font Book). Highlight any or all the fonts you want to include in the sample document. Then open Finder, hit Shift + Command + G , and type /Library/Scripts/Font Book. Then double-click Create Font Sample.scpt

Click the green Run button on the program’s toolbar. This will open a TextEdit document, and, slowly but surely, it will be filled with samples of each font you selected earlier. Once it’s finished, quit AppleScript Editor and then save, export to PDF and/or print the new  document as required.

Check out the post where I found out about this applescript: They provide a modified version of the script where you can type in a word/phrase to be shown using the font (in addition to still seeing the name of the font).

If you look through the script yourself, it should be pretty easy to see where to modify certain things. Try it yourself by changing the font size, then run the script to see what happens. Note: As soon as you start typing it will give you a message.  Because this is a system script you will need to choose Duplicate or copy the script and paste it to a new document before trying to modify it.

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