Why Use Applescript?

Applescript Fundamentals

Start with the first three lessons, then move on to the snippets:

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  • Comments
  • Try – End Try
  • Strings – Paths – Aliases
  • If – Then – Else
  • Repeat Loops

Applescript Snippets

The best way to learn is to jump in. Pick a snippet that does a step that you are trying to automate. Some snippets will then be used as an example in longer scripts. You can create complex scripts by piecing snippets together to automate your boring tasks.


  • Paths
  • Move a file
  • Rename a file
  • Open a file
  • Delete a file
  • Get a file name
  • Compres (zip) a file
  • Set a variable to multiple files
  • Create a folder
  • Delete a folder
  • Move a folder
  • Rename a folder
  • Get a folder name
  • Compress (zip) a folder


  • Activate
  • Create a new document
  • Open a document
  • User Input (dialog box): Choose a file
  • Current document
  • Close a document
  • Save a JPEG
  • Save a PSD
  • Save a PNG
  • Save a Photoshop PDF
  • Make a new layer
  • Delete a layer
  • Visibility of a layer (on/off)
  • Get the name of a layer
  • Change the name of a layer
  • Move a layer
  • Selections
  • Copy – Paste
  • Fill
  • Guides


Font Book: